I chose the IST Making and Thinking because I want to deepen my work through research. And how I can continue with that. My research is about the Rotte river in Rotterdam. The paperworks also came from my research for this project.

Dein mee – Wave along

Its storming
I hear the wind
The creak of the walkway
The tapping of the rain on the facade
The din of rain on the metal roof
Rattling of the corrugated roof that is just a bit too loose
Downstairs I hear the bagging doors
Sometimes soft and sometimes hard
The sliding door in the living room that opens now and then
The Egyptian geese are restless in the water
The coot defended its space in the storm
always afraid of losing something
The ducks quack in response

Its storming
I feel the wind moving the ark
Swaying back and forth
Rocking in the water
Then fast, then slow again
The horizon moves up and down as I were in the middle of the sea
Walking feels strange
To hanging plants swing
seems to be looking for something to hold on to
Something to hold on to, I would like to have that
But I have to let go resistance
It is not possible
Go with the waves

Its storming

What was, what is, what comes

The river flows, slowly
Low tide, very low tide, bad weather on the way
The city is preparing
On water, on a lot of water
Clattering on stone
On roofs, against the houses
No possibility to calm down in a city full of stones
The city is waiting for the water

The river flows, slowly
Low tide, very low tide, bad weather on the way
The polder is preparing
On water, a lot of water
On the swampy grassland
No possibility to drain calmly in a country below sea level
The pumping stations are running
The polder is waiting for the water

The river flows, slowly
Low tide, very low tide, bad weather on the way
I’m preparing
A tour around the ark
Tidy up loose items against blowing away
The doors closed or secured
Plant the plants firmly
I wait for the water

The water

Looking over the water gives me peace
The movement of the water always fascinates
The waves when the wind blows
The brilliance when the sun shines
The deep dark when dusk falls
All the different colors of the water
The water is never the same
Every moment is a different moment

Listening to the water I hear the waterfowl.
recognize the parents and the chicks croaking and quaking
soon the carp will come and I can hear tails land on the water
impressive and wonderful to watch

The water
I hear the rowers come, I hear the oars in and out of the water
I love the sound
I hear a boat coming with a dark diesel engine, laughter sounds over the water

I see all the plastic waste floating over the water
Start thinking about using of the water….way too much
The pollution of the water, here and all those places I don’t know yet
I look over the water with concern
I’m trying to find peace again
I’m trying to see the beauty again
The beaty of the water
The live of the water



Waterdripping - see the video in waterprojects
Cups made of Rotte riverclay
Clay from river Rotte, try to float it
Infusionsystem with indian ink.
From countryside to city center Rotterdam
From city center Rotterdam to countryside
River Rotte in wind directions
River Rotte in words of feelings, impressions and seeing
River Rotte written in coordinates