My work start with enthusiasm and intuition.
As a child we where in the mountains every summer as long as I remember.
The sound of the water, the immensity of the mountains
I felt so safe seeing nobody for days.
I kind of forgot about it until I felt on my head and started hiking on my own
This brought me back to myself

Last summer I was admitted to the Alp Art Academy for land and environmental art in Swiss.
A summer school of 10 days at an altitude of 1850m. As a final presentation I dos a site specific live performance with watersounds. I placed microphones in a fast flowing stream and as a water DJ I made an watersound composition. The audience listened with headphones.

Every year I go alone to the mountains for a 10 days hiking tour. This summer I collected along my way, watersound, video of water, waterfalls. Because I walk alone have so much more attention. I experience the silence, the nature. This waterfall made so much impression, the melting glacier, the mountain hut where I slept next to the waterfall. I could not let go the image. The title Where is it going?
I always wander where the water goes. But also in a bigger context. Where is it going when the glaciers melt? I have seen to many glaciers on my journey but also the pictures in the mountain huts from not so long ago. What they were like.

The river
Where does the water comes from?
Where is it going?
I always want to follow the rivers

I’m a child again
If I may cross a river over a small bridge
I’m bubbling with joy
To the thought

The silence of the water
The power of the water
The movement

The movement over the stones
Around the stones
In the river

I feel so peaceful

I live on the water, live with the sound of the water, the movement, the weather elements, the waterbirds. Its always different.

I want to give the visitor an experience in which they can create their own story with the image, but I ask the visitor time to look at the work closely.
My accident left me using my senses separately for at least a year. For weeks I lay in the dark under water level in my sleeping room and listened to the water. After that period I put earplugs in my ears because looking and hearing together was far too much. This experience is the reason for my thesis about senses. Last weekend I sit on the bench with the visitors and drank tea while looking at the work. We kept seeing things. How the movement changed like a heartbeat, our lifeblood, without we are nothing.

At the summer school we sang a shanti in a dark left over tunnel with 5 people. At the final presentation I blindfolded the audience while listening to the audio so they had no distractions. They only had their hearing. The experience was very intense they said afterwards

I work from the material
From that it arise
Away of thinking

I look for movement in my work
And also stop the movement in my drawings
Im looking for peace
And a focus of looking
I want to be an eye for the small, for the ordinary
I find myself in nature, in peace for the manufacturing process

This is a site specific work made for this wall.
Its 4 m high and 1,60 wide